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Image It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Release Date 2020-08-09
Runtime 75 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Park Gyu-young, Oh Jung-se, Park Jin-joo
Directors Nam Hye-seung, Kim Yoon Jin, Kim Dong-young, Yang Gil-yeong, Cho Sang-kyung

Desperate to escape from his emotional baggage and the heavy responsibility he’s had all his life, a psychiatric ward worker begins to heal with help from the unexpected – a woman who writes fairy tales but doesn’t believe in them.

1. The Boy Who Fed On Nightmares


Moon Gang-tae has a striking run-in with his brother's favorite author, Ko Mun-yeong, when she comes to his hospital to read to the children.

2. The Lady in Red Shoes


Mun-yeong invites Moon Sang-tae to a book signing event that ends with a nasty commotion. Gang-tae hears about a job opening in his hometown.

3. Sleeping Witch


Having followed Gang-tae, Mun-yeong begins teaching literature classes at his new hospital. Chaos breaks out when a VIP patient runs away.

4. Zombie Kid


The VIP patient's incident triggers childhood memories for Gang-tae, who remains an emotional puzzle to Mun-yeong. Lee Sang-in arrives in town.

5. Rapunzel and The Cursed Castle


With nowhere else to take Mun-yeong, Gang-tae brings her back to his place. Discovering her there surprises everyone, most of all Nam Ju-ri.

6. Bluebeard's Secret


When Mun-yeong offers an opportunity to Sang-tae, Gang-tae is forced to bend to their will. A patient at the hospital rattles Mun-yeong.

7. The Cheerful Dog


Gang-tae takes a day off from work to spend time with Mun-yeong, who seems to need a distraction. While drinking alone, Ju-ri encounters Sang-in.

8. Beauty and The Beast


Seeing Mun-yeong with something that belongs to him upsets Sang-tae. When a belligerent visitor shows up at the hospital, Gang-tae snaps.

9. King Donkey Ears


Gang-tae and Mun-yeong decide to go on a day trip together. During their mountain getaway, an unforeseen situation crops up.

10. The Girl Who Cried Wolf


Refusing to go home, Sang-tae coops himself up in a room. Gang-tae wrestles with the demons of his past and the constraints of his present.

11. The Ugly Duckling


An escaped patient shows up at the mansion. Mun-yeong makes an effort to change Sang-tae's mind about allowing her a place in the brothers' lives.

12. Romeo and Juliet


Wanting to overcome his trauma, Sang-tae opens up about his darkest memory. A cruel twist of fate threatens Gang-tae's newfound happiness.

13. The Father of the Two Sisters


Sang-tae shows Gang-tae that he's been practicing drawing his greatest fear. Mun-yeong receives word about her father's worsening condition.

14. The Hand, the Monkfish


The identity of the vandal who ruined Sang-tae's mural sends everyone into a state of shock. Mun-yeong struggles to process a devastating truth.

15. A Tale of Two Brothers


After a chilling phone call, Gang-tae rushes over to the mansion. Later, Mun-yeong asks the brothers to leave her — but they refuse to listen.

16. Finding the Real Face


Mun-yeong decides she's going to publish the new fairy tale after all. Everyone comes together at the hospital for a reading of the book.