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Image Never Give Up, Dodo

Never Give Up, Dodo

Release Date 2013-12-24
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama
Stars Godfrey Gao, Yin Hang, Sunny Wang, Xie Yi-lin, Sui Kai
Directors Gavin Lin, Ren Peng, Chen Zhengdao, Zhang Chaoyang

A raunchy romantic comedy about a couple, Duo Duo and Xu Fei, who decide to get married but face many obstacles to happiness. Dodo is engaged to her former co-worker Xu Fei but she is afraid this engagement won't last since her previous two engagements ended in disaster with her groom-to-be always leaving her for someone else just when they're about to get married. When Dodo was younger she reported a fortune teller to law enforcement's saying the fortune teller was a fraud, the fortune teller was arrested and cursed that Dodo well never get married. Dodo and Xu Fei move in together before their marriage, each guest that stays over at their home is a test to their relationship. Will Dodo and Xu Fei make it to their wedding day?