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Image Be Arrogant

Be Arrogant

Release Date 2014-11-24
Runtime 21 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Yura, Shin So-yul, Yoo Min-kyu, Ko Se-won, Kyeon Mi-ri
Directors Yoon Ryu-Hae, Im Sang Chun, Min Yun Hong, Park Sun Young

Hong Hara is a bright, energetic girl with a positive outlook on life. She is a sweet girl who believes that every time she falls in love, it would last forever. Hong Hara is in a relationship with No Cheol, a man no one cannot seem to resist, though he is not mature all the time. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Do Ra Hee, a girl who has spent the last ten years in the fashion business. After dating No Cheol for six years, she is now sick of men and her number one goal is to gain more money. Somehow Hong Hara ends up living and working with Do Ra Hee. The two women decide to launch their own online shopping mall. After struggling to make a living at the fast fashion mecca of Korea, Dongdaemun, they realize the potential in online shopping malls. However, the industry is filled with competitors, and the business partners soon learn about the challenges of running a small business.