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Image House Hunters Season 242

House Hunters Season 242

Release Date 2023-12-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. A Family Home in South Georgia


After relocating from Montana less than a year ago, a couple is ready to move their family out of a rental and buy their own home in South Georgia. He grew up in the South and loves Southern charm, but she wants something that's more contemporary.

2. Whimsy Wanted in New York


Buyers outside of New York City sold their apartment in less than a week, so now they need to find a new home fast. He wants to go with something small to keep costs down, but she's got her heart set on a large house with charm and a whimsical feel.

3. Leaving Winter Behind in Florida


A couple decides to leave New Jersey and relocate with their four kids to sunny Boca Raton, Florida. She wants a home with a Mediterranean vibe, but he's after something that's more modern.

5. Body Slams and Big Houses in Orlando


A former professional wrestler is looking for a showcase home in Orlando, Florida. He wants a fun place for throwing big parties, but his spiritual practitioner wife prefers a more tranquil home to start a family.

7. Trying to Downsize in Grand Rapids


A Michigander is hoping to downsize from her previous home that had a headache's heap of upkeep. She's zeroed in on Grand Rapids for its exciting city life, but she's also tempted to head out to the suburbs for the familiar lure of space.

8. Log Cabin Dreams in Washington


High school sweethearts look to relocate from Ohio for his new job in Burlington, Washington. He hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream of buying a log cabin, but she wants a vintage farmhouse that she can make her own.

9. Young Buyer Wants a Project in Vermont


A twenty-something amateur wood worker wants to take on a project for her first home in Burlington, Vermont. Her BFF is worried she'll get in over her head and hopes to steer her toward something more updated.

10. Hoosier DJ's Sample Homes


A couple is bursting at the seams in their tiny apartment with three growing boys in Portage, Indiana. She wants a home that reminds her of the '90s sitcoms she grew up watching, but he prefers something so big he can get lost in his own basement retreat.

11. Military Family Heads to Nashville


After many years in the Coast Guard, a fun-loving couple decides to move their family to Nashville. With their experience in military housing, she's ready for something they can put their own stamp on, and he wants a lower-priced home that's turnkey.

12. Needs Convincing in Washington


A couple can't agree on whether to stay where they are or upgrade to another home in Washington. He wants to convince her to spend more on a place with land that's large and modern, but she's worried about cost and would prefer a cozy cottage.

13. Ready for Adventure in Alaska


A couple decides to go for an unexpected job opportunity and move to Fairbanks, Alaska. He's looking for a rustic A-frame, but she wants something traditional that feels like home.