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Image House Hunters Season 229

House Hunters Season 229

Release Date 2023-11-28
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. From the Frying Pan to the Freezer in Pittsburgh


A Florida family is tired of year-long summer and looks to move and experience the charming four seasons of Pittsburgh. She wants a midcentury modern she can jazz up with her colorful murals, but he has his heart set on a historic Victorian.

2. From Homeless to Homeowner in Minnesota


After falling on hard times, a single mother looks to finally purchase her own home in Minnesota. She's ready for her and her son to finally set down roots, but price is a huge issue, so compromises will have to be made to find the right place.

3. Large Home for Six Kids and Eight Pets


A recently married couple needs to find a home with enough space for their blended family of six kids and eight pets in New Palestine, Indiana. She wants something warm and homey, but he prefers a place with a more industrial look.

4. Planting Roots in Rural Georgia


A couple from New York and Mexico are moving to rural Georgia in search of more space for their young daughter and five dogs. He wants a farmhouse with acreage far from civilization, but she prefers something more modern that's close to shopping.

5. Home in a Tennessee Far Far Away


A family tired of the California hustle and bustle searches for a slower pace of life and looks to relocate to Tennessee. He wants the truly rural countryside, but she insists on a place in a neighborhood that's closer to town.

6. A Downtown Dilemma in Nashville


A young couple has differing priorities on their search for a home in Nashville. She wants a modern condo in the action downtown, but he's getting ready to pop the question and prefers a house in the suburbs where they can raise future kids.

7. A Home and New Business in Michigan


Newlyweds and former zookeepers are looking for a home that can also be a nature-themed bed and breakfast in Michigan. Finding a place that can provide everything they need for both their home and new business, however, will be a challenge.

8. Getting a Deal in Seattle


A Seattle transplant is ready to get out of her apartment and buy a place of her own. She's hoping for something modern and spacious, but her new boyfriend is along for the ride, and he's pushing for a place with a more manageable size and some character.

9. New Chapter in Mississippi


Now that their kids are grown, a couple looks to start a new chapter and move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He wants a cozy beach cottage, but she's willing to break the bank and prefers a newer, modern house.

10. Forging a Future in Florida


Two theme park entertainers search for a home together in Orlando, Florida. They're looking for a place that can accommodate practicing their unique talent of stilt walking and aerialist abilities, but she wants to spend more than he feels comfortable.

11. Plumbing Perils in Worcester


Newlyweds are on an exhaustive search to find a home to start their family in Worcester, Massachusetts. Both are very hard to please, and with their contrasting styles and his obsession with plumbing, they may run out of options.

12. Sleepovers at Grammy's in Chicago


A New Jersey native wants to be closer to her extended family and looks to move to Chicago. She has her heart set on a house with a big yard, but her kids all think she should consider a condo, or something with less upkeep.

13. Goodbye Canada, Hello South Carolina


A Canadian couple looks to start a new chapter and find a home in Columbia, South Carolina. He wants to upgrade from their modest condo to a five-bedroom Craftsman, but she thinks a more common Southern brick house would allow them to save more money.