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Image House Hunters Season 227

House Hunters Season 227

Release Date 2023-12-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Winding Down from the Windy City


A young family looks to leave Chicago and search for a home in the far-flung suburbs. They're thrilled to gain tons of space, but adjusting to the quirks that come with the suburban real estate market will be a challenge.

2. Finding Southern Charm in Charlotte


A Philadelphia couple relocates their family for work and looks for a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. She wants a traditional southern house that has plenty of charm, but he prefers something that's more modern.

3. A New House for New Parents in Atlanta


A young couple discovers they're expecting and now they're searching for a bigger home in Atlanta. He doesn't mind spending for something that's huge and updated, but she's willing to put up with some quirks in order to keep costs low.

4. Family Farmhouse Retreat in Maine


Foster parents search for a bigger home where they can take in more kids and grow their family in Southwest Maine. They want the home to be a fun, farmhouse retreat, but they have different ideas when it comes to location and price.

5. Buffalo Homecoming


A young couple is moving back home and has just a few weeks to find a place before their wedding in Buffalo, New York. She's looking for a modern Colonial and wants to be close to the city, but he prefers a classic ranch house in the suburbs.

6. Playing it Safe in Washington


After years of working to improve their finances, a couple is finally ready to buy a home in Vancouver, Washington. He wants a brand-new build that's turnkey, but she's concerned that a new house could mean spending more and lead to financial trouble.

7. A Home of Her Own in San Francisco


An ICU nurse has worked shift after shift to be able to afford a place in pricey San Francisco. She's focused on aesthetics, but her mom's along on the search to make sure she keeps practical concerns in mind considering the area's expensive market.

8. Rooftop Music in Chicago


A musician's career is taking off, so she's looking for a starter condo in a trendy area of Chicago. She doesn't mind finding a smaller place, but her friend and mom are along on the search, and they both think a bigger home is a better investment.

9. Spotting Historical Charm in Richmond


A California couple looks to relocate for his job and search for a home in Richmond, Virginia. She wants to buy one of the area's vintage charmers, but he's more practical-minded and thinks newer is better.

10. Closer to Family in Providence


A San Francisco couple looks to move to his hometown where they can afford a much larger home in Providence, Rhode Island. They both like the older homes in the area, and he wants a place with a renovated interior, but she prefers something with quirks.

11. Grosse Pointe Gold


A young family has outgrown their starter home and searches for a new place in Detroit. He's determined to honor his grandmother's sacrifices by finding a sleek midcentury modern, but she wants a cozy traditional where their kids can play and be messy.

12. Budding Artists in Baltimore


Graphic artists search for a home with studio space for their work in Baltimore. They like vintage homes and want something with character, and she's hoping for a total fixer-upper, but he prefers something that's more turnkey.

13. House for a Queen in Georgia


An army vet living in Washington, DC, looks to move back home to Georgia. She wants a home that's grand, but her son is along on the search and worries that she might be taking on more house than she can handle.

14. Moving Out in Memphis


A couple looks to finally buy their own home after living with his mother for two years to start a business in Memphis. She wants an older place that's suited for family, but he prefers something grand with garage space for a sports car.

15. Sacramento Country or Suburbs


A newlywed couple is ready to buy their first home and leave San Francisco for their hometown roots of Sacramento wine country. She's looking for enough land to raise animals and grow grapes, but he prefers something low maintenance in the suburbs.

16. Chicago Condo Nightlife


A woman wants to be closer to friends and nightlife and searches for a new condo in Chicago. She has a very specific wish list, and with her younger sister acting as her agent, getting her to compromise on anything may be a difficult task.

17. Charleston, Here We Come


A couple in the medical field has just one month to find a home before they take on new jobs in Charleston, South Carolina. She wants something small with lots of Southern charm, but he wants a turnkey home with plenty of room for a family.

18. Tampa Peace and Tranquility


A family looks for a fresh start and searches for a new home with peace and tranquility in Tampa. She wants to move farther out for a larger house with more land, but he's willing to sacrifice size and amenities to stay in town.

19. Planting Montgomery Roots


A couple is finally ready to settle down after years of moving for his military career in Montgomery, Alabama. She wants plenty of land and major projects to create her dream home, but he's ready to downsize into a smaller place that's low maintenance.

20. Atlanta Romance Destination


A couple uproots their lives from opposite coasts to relocate and find a home together in Atlanta. He wants something historic while she prefers a place that's brand new, but their search will prove to be a challenge in an already competitive market.

21. Uptown Denver Details


With his career going well, a single man looks to put down roots and search for a townhouse in Denver. He's not willing to budge on the details, but his friend and agent wants him to think about the long-term investment and consider a single-family home.

22. Baton Rouge Wow Factor


A couple is ready to search for a home that's big enough for their family of eight in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She's focused on finding a place with wow factor for her blog, but he's worried about how much her expensive taste might cost.

23. Dream Move to Maui


A retired lawyer looks to finally accomplish his longtime dream of living in Maui. He's looking for an updated condo with views, but his godson thinks he needs to focus on finding a place to entertain and host guests.

24. Larger or Smaller in Iowa


After selling their house, a family searches for a more kid-friendly place in Des Moines. He wants an older and larger statement home with plenty of room to entertain, but she prefers a new and smaller rancher that requires little upkeep.

25. Nursing a First Home in Pennsylvania


A pair of ICU nurses don't see eye-to-eye on their search for a first home in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He wants to find a single-level rancher in the town he's from, but she prefers a two-story Cape Cod and worries about every little detail.

27. Family Upsizing in Temecula


A couple is ready to trade their cramped condo for a large family home in Temecula, California. Their daughters main concern is a pool, but the parents are conflicted over a fixer-upper they can afford or a more pricey place that's turnkey.

29. New York Party Pad


A young couple searches for a fun party pad as their first home in New York. She's focused on scoring a deal and is indecisive about the actual details, but he's looking for a lot of land and plenty of space for all his toys.

30. Conventional or Goth in Virginia Beach


A rock star contractor and real estate couple struggles to find a home for themselves in Virginia Beach. He's looking for something conventional and updated, but she wants a historic Victorian that speaks to her inner goth.