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Image House Hunters Season 225

House Hunters Season 225

Release Date 2023-12-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Relocating to Tennessee


Newlyweds look to relocate from Michigan and buy their first home in Kingsport, Tennessee. She's hoping for vintage southern charm, but because of their busy schedules in the medical field, he wants something newer and more updated.

2. Starting a Family in New Haven


A married couple looks to get out of her parents' place and into a home of their own in New Haven, Connecticut. They're searching for something big enough for kids, but after struggling to start a family, they're hoping a new house will bring them luck.

3. Makin' Moves in Maryland


A couple looks to relocate for his job and wants a home that feels posh near Bethesda, Maryland. He's hoping for a large yard like the one he had back home in Nigeria, but she's expecting a big house like their last place in Texas.

4. Opposites Attract in Louisville


Tired of paying high rent, a couple is excited to buy their first home in Louisville, Kentucky. She's dreaming of something vintage with lots of color and charm, but he wants a place that's plain and simple where his old recliner will fit in perfectly.

5. Give Me History or Give Me Turnkey


A young couple struggles with deciding on their first home purchase near Washington, DC. She wants a traditional home and isn't afraid to go big on price or size, but he's the first in his family to own and wants to be careful with what they spend.

6. A Change of Plans in Charlotte


After scrapping plans for a custom-built house, a couple searches for what they hope will be their last home purchase in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's looking for a two-story Craftsman, but she's leaning towards a modern farmhouse with no stairs.

7. A Mansion in Chicago


A newly married couple wants to start a family and searches for their first home in Chicago. He's looking for something big and beautiful and doesn't mind spending, but she's cautious with budgeting and has her eye on the bottom line.

8. Bougie in Baton Rouge


A successful couple looks to combine households and searches for a high-end home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They're looking for a place with plenty space to entertain, and she's set on something contemporary, but he wants a house that's more traditional.

9. Bringing Families Together in Chicago


A couple looks to merge their households and find a place together in Chicago. She wants something charming that feels like home for their blended family, but he's having trouble giving up his bachelor lifestyle and prefers a modern house fit to party.

10. Grand in Indiana


A real estate agent couple is looking for a larger house for their growing family in Indianapolis. She's hoping for something grand with a white kitchen and a lot of space, but he's pushing for a more modest place with privacy and a finished basement.

11. Dreams vs. Dollars in New York


A couple has outgrown their rental and looks to buy a home for their family in Rockland County, New York. She wants to fulfill her dream of buying a grand Colonial, but he's more cautious with spending and wants to make sure they stay within their budget.

12. Daddy-Daughter Decision


A father looks to purchase a home his newly graduated daughter can rent in Charlotte, North Carolina. He wants her to live in a conventional single-family home in the suburbs, but she's set on a downtown loft with history and character.

13. Smart Moves in Seattle


A Los Angeles couple looks to relocate for a new job and a better housing market in Seattle. He's looking for a modern, downtown condo with an easy commute, but she's pushing for a house that has character, even if it means living in the suburbs.