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Image House Hunters Season 223

House Hunters Season 223

Release Date 2023-12-05
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Great Expectations in Orlando


A couple and their young daughter follow a job opportunity and look for a new home in Orlando, Florida. They only have a few days to find a place, and she's envisioning a modern Mediterranean with a pool, but he's focused on spending as less as possible.

2. Indecisive in Chicago


A 34-year-old is sick of his studio apartment and ready to find his first place in Chicago. He's looking for a home with vintage charm that's near downtown, but he has trouble letting go of money, so his sister is along to help give him a push to spend.

3. Mansion Vibes in Louisiana


A single mom who has built a successful business looks to finally purchase her first home in the New Orleans area. She wants a show-stopping mansion, but her friend is along on the search to try and convince her to spend more conservatively.

4. Doctor on Call in Denver


Ohio transplants and newlyweds try to break into an ultra-competitive housing market in Denver. One wants a home with all the modern conveniences, but the other prefers a place with rustic and vintage charm, especially if it means spending less.

5. Entrepreneur in OKC


An entrepreneur looks for a home where she can both live and generate revenue by hosting events in Oklahoma City. She's looking for a spacious house with all the amenities, but her long-time friend and agent must keep her focused on the bottom line.

6. All About the Details in Alabama


A couple wants to be closer to family and looks for a new home in Montgomery, Alabama. They're looking for a place with plenty of room for their grandkids, but they're both particular about details, so staying focused on the positives will be a challenge.

7. A Residence for Two Residents


New doctors look to buy their first place together before their residencies begin in Richmond, Virginia. They're searching for an older home with character, and he wants to find a place in the quiet suburbs, but she prefers something close to downtown.

8. Out on Their Own in Columbus


A 26-year-old wants to move out of her parents' place and buy a home to share with her boyfriend in Columbus, Ohio. She's looking for something that can balance their differing needs, as well as those of her autistic brother who will be visiting often.

9. Space to Spread Out in Georgia


A military veteran couple has saved long and hard and are finally ready to purchase their first home in Columbus, Georgia. She wants a Colonial-style home with lots of personal space, but he prefers new construction with a crisp, modern aesthetic.

10. Newly Single in Milwaukee


A newly single real estate professional looks to buy a place she can make her own in Milwaukee. She's searching for a house that will accommodate her sister who will be moving in, and with her current home under contract, she needs to find something fast.

11. Simple vs. Fancy in Florida


Now that they're blending their families, a newlywed couple looks to upgrade in Orlando, Florida. She's owned several homes and is willing to splurge for what she wants, but he's a frugal first-timer with a military background and is hesitant to spend.

12. Surfer's Paradise in San Diego


A surfer searches for her first home and brings her contractor father along for help in San Diego. She's looking for a Spanish style close enough to a good wave, but her dad may try to convince her to go with what he thinks is the right choice.

13. High Expectations in San Antonio


A first-time buyer brings her friend along to search for a house in San Antonio. She wants a Craftsman style home that has character and plenty of space, but her friend, who is a homeowner herself, must keep her focused on what's important.