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Image House Hunters Season 214

House Hunters Season 214

Release Date 2023-12-05
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Battling Best Friends in Chicago


A Chicagoan desperately wants to move out of his ex's apartment building and into a home of his own. A longtime friend has agreed to be his agent, but unrealistic expectations in city's insane real estate market may put tension on their friendship.

2. Taking It Fast in Orange County


A newlywed, first-generation Afghan-American couple are expecting a baby and looking for a home in Orange County, California. He's willing to spend to the max to get a big house with a wraparound porch, but she thinks they should be more frugal.

3. Twins Put Mom First in Atlanta


Twin sisters search for a home that can accommodate them, one husband and their aging mother in Atlanta. They're looking for a place that will give everyone their own personal space, but pleasing so many big personalities will be a challenge.

4. Heart vs. Head in New Mexico


A couple tries to find common ground as they search for a home in New Mexico. She's looking for a house that feels right for their blended family of five, but he's more concerned and focused on the bottom-line price.

5. Dreams of a Family Home


A family of four looks to upsize from their cramped, one-bedroom condo into a large home in Temecula, California. Both daughters are focused on getting a pool while the parents are conflicted over a well-priced fixer or something that's turnkey.

6. Fresh Start in New Rochelle


A family has been staying with her parents until they can afford a place of their own in New Rochelle, New York. One doesn't mind spending more on a fully-renovated historic charmer, but the other is determined to find a home in need of fixing up.

7. Downsizing with Glitz in LA


A well-known TV personality has been through cancer and divorce, and now she's ready to downsize in California's San Fernando Valley. As a single mother of two, she wants a close-knit family vibe, but the high-end style she's used to requires top dollar.

8. Rose Gold in the Garden State


A social media influencer is ready to leave public housing and find home of her own in New Jersey. She's looking for a multi-family property that will build generational wealth, but her long list of must-haves will make her search a challenge.

9. Staying Close to Home in LA


A single woman and life-long renter looks to buy her first home in Los Angeles. She wants to stay in the close-knit area she loves, but to get more house for her money, she may have to consider homes that offer rental potential in other parts of the city.

10. Style vs. Spreadsheet in Pennsylvania


A young newlywed couple has recently moved and looks to buy their first home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She's searching for a vintage rowhome with a European feel, but he wants something simple and functional at the lowest price possible.

11. Big Character on the Central Coast


A couple moves to be closer to their kids and future grandkids in Atascadero, California. They’re looking for a place with enough land for their large dogs and 21 chickens, but finding the right place in their budget will be a challenge.

12. Climbing High in Reno


Rock climbers are ready to get out of their tiny apartment and into a house with some space in Reno. They want plenty of room to store all their gear, and he's looking for a major fixer-upper, but she prefers something that's move-in ready.

13. A Financial Fracas in Washougal


A couple searches for a home with more space for their family in Washougal, Washington. He's acting as agent as well as buyer, and he wants to spend less to have a more reasonable mortgage, but she's ready to spend big to get the deluxe home she wants.