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Image House Hunters Season 213

House Hunters Season 213

Release Date 2023-12-05
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Buying Before Baby in Pennsylvania


A young, newlywed couple are expecting their first child and look to buy their first home in Pennsylvania. He wants a fixer-upper they can make their own, but she's willing to spend more for something newer and move-in ready before the baby arrives.

2. Making Room for Him in Atlanta


A single mom with seven kids is adding her boyfriend to the mix, and they're looking for a big home they can all share together in Atlanta. He's a contractor who wants something they can renovate, but she wants something with bling that's turnkey.

3. Seizing the Moment in Maui


Inspired by the death of his best friend, a retired lawyer wants to finally accomplish his dream of living in Maui. He's looking for an updated condo with views, but his godson hopes to keep him focused on what he'll need to entertain and host guests.

4. The Wedding's On Hold in DC


An engaged couple decides to wait on getting married and make buying a home their first priority in Washington, DC. One is ready for suburban living while the other is keen on city life, so finding a place in an agreeable location will be a challenge.

5. Debt Free in the Bay Area


A young family has spent years climbing out of debt and is now ready to purchase their first home in the Bay Area. He's looking for a spacious place and wants to go big, but she worries about going back in debt and wants to spend more conservatively.

6. Putting Down Roots in Charlotte


An event planner who can work from anywhere decides to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. She's looking for a place that's move-in ready with plenty of room for her mother, but her friend wants her to consider a home that needs a little work.

7. Making a Statement in Iowa


A family who just sold their house is now searching for a more kid-friendly place in Des Moines. She wants a new and smaller rancher that requires little upkeep, but he prefers an older and larger statement home with plenty of space to entertain.

8. Hollywood Glam in Atlanta


A couple looks to purchase a home in time to host a huge anniversary party in Atlanta. One is looking for a pricey, modern marvel with Hollywood glam, but the other wants to keep a more conservative budget and find something cozy and traditional.

9. Big Dreams in New Jersey


A single mom is ready to purchase her first home on her own in New Jersey. She wants to play it safe and look for an affordable rancher, but her friend and agent is pushing her to spend big for the beautiful Colonial she's always dreamed of.

10. Making Room for Mom in Virginia


A family with three young children looks to move her mother in and upsize in Virginia. Mom is hoping for her own bedroom and bathroom along with a swimming pool, but with other differing priorities, this couple's search may prove to be a challenge.

11. Return to Wisconsin


High school sweethearts look to return home to be closer to family in Wisconsin. He's looking for a big and grand house with minimal acreage while she prefers a smaller home with a lot of land, so agreeing on the perfect place will be a challenge.

12. Bachelor Pad in Phoenix


A Phoenix man is excited to invest in his first property, but while he wants a place that fits his bachelor lifestyle, his mother wants him to settle down in a single family home. With Mom helping to cover costs, he will have to consider her two cents.

13. To Save or To Spend, That Is the Question


Two young ICU nurses search for their first home in the countryside of Pennsylvania. He wants to find a rancher with few stairs in the town he's from, but she prefers a two-story charmer and worries about every detail that might happen in their future.