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Image House Hunters Season 204

House Hunters Season 204

Release Date 2023-12-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Outnumbered in Atlanta


A single, 27-year-old looks to buy her first home outside of Atlanta. Her mother is along to help with the search, and her mother's friend is also the agent, but their strong opinions on what she should look for doesn't agree with what she wants.

2. Practical vs. Luxury in DC


A couple hurries to find a new place as they move from New York to Washington, DC. They have just one month before graduate school begins, and one is ready to max out on a luxurious home, but the other looks to spend less on something more practical.

3. Seeing a Future in Tacoma


A couple faces a difficult search as they look to purchase their first home in Tacoma, Washington. He's had a long battle with cancer and they're excited to take this next big step, but finding the right place in a competitive market will be a challenge.

4. Momma Gets Her Groove Back in Charlotte


A former beauty queen and her son are moving from the suburbs to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. They're looking to jump-start their social lives, but getting the large space they want downtown will put their budget to the test.

5. From Hawaii to Huntsville


A military family looks to get a lot more house for their money and decides to move from Hawaii to Huntsville, Alabama. He wants it all, including a fishing dock, but she's trying to get him to be more reasonable and search for something more simple.

6. The House Before the Ring in Philly


A young couple looks to buy a home together before they get engaged in Philadelphia. He's dragging his feet when it comes to getting the ring, but in their search for a new place, he's proving to be a bit too impulsive for her.

7. Mother vs. Mother in DC


A single mother searches for her first home with room to grow near Washington, DC. She's looking for a house with a large outdoor space, but her opinionated mother is adamant that she should find a lower maintenance and more affordable townhome.

8. Mom's Getaway in Irvine


A single mom with a long commute looks for a new place near work in Irvine, California. Her opinionated teenage daughter, who'll be staying there often, will make the process even more challenging as she wants mom to consider everything on her list, too.

9. Be My Husband, Not My Agent in DC


A couple wants to expand their family and looks for a spacious new home near Washington, DC. He's in real estate and has been lining up properties, but he isn't finding the homes she's looking for, so she's replaced him with a new agent.

10. New New Rochelle vs. Old New Rochelle


A young couple has very different ideas in their search for a home in New Rochelle, New York. She wants an old fixer-upper with character that can build equity, but he prefers spending money up front for something modern and move-in ready.

11. Renos, Roommates and Real Estate in Chicago


A couple searches for their next home with potential rental income in Chicago. He's looking for a multi-unit fixer-upper that can bring in some money, but after living through years of renovations and renters, she's ready for something else.

12. A New Life in Dallas


A buyer is looking to relocate and start a new chapter in Dallas, Texas. Having recently come out to his family, he's moving to Dallas to search for a new home that reflects his new life.

13. The Cost of Character in West Virginia


A couple searches for a home with character in Morgantown, West Virginia. To him, that means an old home in the historic district, but she's looking for something that's updated with a rustic feel.