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Image House Hunters Season 202

House Hunters Season 202

Release Date 2023-12-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Reality, Documentary

Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

1. Capital Vs. Comfort in Chicago


Lifelong renters are looking for their first home in the heart of Chicago. They want it to include a rental property, but while she's focused on the investment, he wants to make sure that everything still feels like home.

2. No Wasted Space in Charleston


A family looks to leave their rental and purchase a home in Charleston, South Carolina. He's a minimalist and wants a smaller home with no wasted space, but she's dreaming of maxing out and getting the biggest place possible.

3. Influencer in Colorado


A fashion influencer and her husband are moving back to their hometown of Windsor, Colorado. She's extremely picky and wants a place with high-end finishes, but he's worried they won't be able to find everything she wants in their budget.

4. Missing Out in Portland


A couple is desperate to get out of their cramped studio apartment and into a larger place in Portland, Oregon. He wants a big house in the suburbs they can grow into, but she has a fear of missing out and isn't ready to leave the city behind.

5. A First Home for Miss Indiana


Having been crowned Miss Indiana, a single woman has her sites set on buying her first home. She's looking for an older home with character and an updated interior, but finding the perfect place for this beauty queen proves to be a pageant of problems.

6. A Pro and a Novice in Charlotte


A couple are eager to take the next step in their relationship and buy a house together in Charlotte, N.C.; he's a first-time homebuyer and wants to stay on the low end of their budget, but she's owned homes in the past and wants an upgrade.

7. Best Friends Forever in Miami


A single mother looks to purchase a wealth-building home for her and her daughter in Miami, Florida. She's looking for a ranch-style house and doesn't mind a fixer-upper, but her her unwillingness to bend on price may prove to be unrealistic.

8. No Open Concept in Illinois


A couple with four kids looks to trade their open concept home for a more traditional layout in Chicago. They're looking for a large home with five bedrooms, but finding a place that can also accommodate two home offices will be a challenge.

9. Visions of Grandeur in Kansas


After moving across the country for his job, a couple looks to find a home and settle down in the Kansas City area. She's looking to spend big on a grand place to match her childhood home, but he thinks a smaller house at a modest price is a better fit.

10. Fancy or Fixer-Upper in Raleigh


A pair of twenty-somethings look for their first home together in Raleigh, North Carolina. Coming from modest means, she prefers a low-cost fixer-upper, but he has visions of upscale neighborhoods that are pushing her out of her comfort zone.

11. Declaring Independence in DC


The money-saving tenacity of a 25-year-old buyer has him ready to purchase his first home in pricey Washington, DC. He's willing to pay top dollar to be in the city center, but his parents want him to get more bang for his buck in the nearby suburbs.

12. Picky in San Diego


A San Francisco couple looks to move to San Diego for a more relaxed lifestyle. He's searching for a big house with a large yard at a good price, but she doesn't mind spending more to be by the beach.

13. Opposites Attract in DC Area


A couple looks to buy their first home without breaking the bank in Washington, DC. They're looking for a place they can grown into with outdoor space for their dog, and one is pushing for a townhouse, but the other prefers a detached single-family home.