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Image Steins;Gate


Release Date 2011-09-14
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy
Stars Mamoru Miyano, Asami Imai, Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki, Yukari Tamura
Directors Kozue Kananiwa, Kenjiro Gomi, Kazushige Kanehira, Koji Eto, huke

A group of friends have customized their microwave so that it can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them.

1. Turning Point


A self-described mad scientist attends a lecture on time travel, stumbles upon the dead body of a familiarly unfamiliar woman, and discovers that his text messages are no longer bound by the rules of space and time.

2. Time Travel Paranoia


Okabe is surprised to see Makise up and about after she was killed.

3. Parallel World Paranoia


Okabe suspects his microwave oven is behind the recent unusual events.

4. Interpreter Rendezvous


Okabe needs to find a very old computer to hack a very new tech.

5. Starmine Rendezvous


A successful hack reveals SERN's big secret.

6. Butterfly Effect's Divergence


Okabe's small scale experiment is partially successful.

7. Divergence Singularity


Okabe takes his experimentation to the next level by texting the winning lotto numbers back in time, but he fails to consider how his actions might alter the present - or the future.

8. Chaos Theory Homeostasis I


The latest experiment for Okabe and his lab mates leads to the disappearance of one of their own. Next, they'll attempt to use their time travel technology to make a young boy's dream a reality.

9. Chaos Theory Homeostasis II


Okabe grows concerned over the drastic changes his experimentation is causing, and the IBN-5100 disappears from the lab. The only hope for finding a replacement rests upon the delicate shoulders of Feyris the cat girl.

10. Chaos Theory Homeostasis III


The part-time warrior from downstairs tells Okabe about the search for her missing father. Meanwhile, the aspiring mad scientist is troubled by a mysterious text message.

11. Dogma in Event Horizon


As the lab members prepare to transport human memories by way of a Time Leap, Okabe receives some highly disturbing news: Makise may be a SERN spy!

12. Dogma in Ergosphere


Tension builds at the Lab when Makise and Suzuha both show up for the party, but that's just the beginning. As the night draws to a close, armed thugs - led by a familiar face - come looking for the time machine.

13. Metaphysics Necrosis


Okabe, desperate to prevent the tragedy he's already seen happen, summons the courage for a daring Time Leap. Can he save the life of his oldest and dearest companion?

14. Physically Necrosis


Despite his many attempts, Okabe is unable to prevent the death of Mayuri, so he turns to Makise for help solving the riddle of time travel. Later, Suzuha's true identity is revealed

15. Missing Link Necrosis


Suzuha reveals the orgins of SERN's future totalitarianism. While she continues her work to destroy the organization, Okabe and Mayuri continue the search for Suzuha's father.

16. Sacrificial Necrosis


The truth about Suzuha's father is finally revealed. Okabe realizes the devastating consequences of stopping her from leaving the night of the party.

17. Made in Complex


After the change in divergence fails to have a lasting effect, Okabe and Kurisu set out to further manipulate time in the hopes of gaining an IBN 5100.

18. Fractal Androgynous


In a further attempt to rescue Mayuri from her fate, Okabe reveals Ruka's past to her. Ruka must make a difficult decision that might change her entire life.

19. Endless Apoptosis


Okabe must make a time leap in order to save Moeka from herself. He realizes that all is not what it seems as Moeka's shady behavior leads him closer to the IBN 5100.

20. Finalize Apoptosis


With the help of Kurisu and Moeka, Okabe attempts to get closer to the IBN 5100 and the mysterious FB. As he closes in on SERN's network, he realizes that the path to victory will not be without additional sacrifice.

21. Paradox Meltdown


With his new discovery in mind, Okabe continues his attempts to protect Mayuri while also trying to avoid Kurisu's potential impending fate.

22. Being Meltdown


In order to continue his work against SERN, Okabe must finally choose between saving Kurisu or Mayuri.

23. Open the Steins Gate


Tasked with preventing an impending World War III by an alternate Suzuha, Okabe finds himself playing an active part in Kurisu's death.

24. Achievement Point


Okabe has one final chance to travel back in time, set everything right, and save the girl he never even got to love. His mission is vital, but it may mean the end for the mad scientist.