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Image Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Release Date 2004-10-02
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Romi Park, Rie Kugimiya, Megumi Toyoguchi, Toru Okawa, Ryotaro Okiayu
Directors Masahiko Minami, Hiroo Maruyama, Shihoko Nakayama, Shinji Aramaki, Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Two young brothers are raised as alchemists, but when they are severely injured trying to perform a forbidden act, they begin searching for the one thing that can save them; the fabled philosopher's stone.

1. Those Who Challenge the Sun


When Edward and Alphonse meet a so-called religious leader who can invoke miracles, they believe he's carrying the philosopher's stone.

2. Body of the Sanctioned


Edward and Alphonse struggle over whether they should reveal the truth behind Cornello's miracles -- and possibly ruin the townspeople's lives.

3. Mother


A young Ed and Al are determined to bring back their dead mother, who was their pillar of strength during dreary times of war.

4. A Forger's Love


While on their way to seek out an important man from their childhood, Ed and Al come across a town haunted by a ghostly woman.

5. The Man with the Mechanical Arm


Ed and Al hop aboard a train to Central City and quickly find themselves defending the passengers -- including Gen. Hakuro -- from terrorists.

6. The Alchemy Exam


Once in Central City, Ed and Al move into the vast mansion of sewing-life alchemist Shou Tucker and begin to prepare for the Alchemy Exam.

7. Night of the Chimera's Cry


Now an official State Alchemist, Ed takes a closer look at Tucker's chimera experiments and begins to realize there's something very wrong going on.

8. The Philosopher's Stone


A disenchanted Ed resigns from his position as State Alchemist, and when Winry arrives in town, she may be the serial killer's next victim.

9. Be Thou for the People


Ed and Al go on assignment to inspect a small mining colony and discover its inhabitants are being heavily taxed by a tyrant and his Alchemist.

10. The Phantom Thief


While trying to avoid their meeting with Mustang, Ed and Al end up in a small town and become embroiled in a manhunt for a female Robin Hood.

11. The Other Brothers Elric (1)


Ed and Al head to Xenotime in hopes of finding the Philosopher's Stone, but they find only two boys creating a strange red water.

12. The Other Brothers Elric (2)


Ed and Al uncover a conspiracy involving the Tringham Brothers' father, his involvement with the red water and the disease that's stricken Xenotime.

13. Fullmetal vs. Flame


Ed reports back to Mustang in East City, where discussion of Doctor Marcoh and the Philosopher's Stone leads to a duel between Ed and the colonel.

14. Destruction's Right Hand


While the shape-shifting Envy disguises himself as Cornello, Ed and Al find Marcoh and learn about the Stone's involvement in the Ishbal Rebellion.

15. The Ishbal Massacre


As the Strong Arm Alchemist defends them from the surrounding chaos, Marcoh reveals to the Elrics the vast atrocities of the Ishbal Massacre.

16. That Which Is Lost


As Marcoh faces a deadly encounter with Lust, Armstrong and the Elrics flee to Resembool. Ed is sent into a rage when they lose Al in the process.

17. House of the Waiting Family


While resting and receiving repairs back in Resembool, Ed visits his mother's grave and Al reveals his concerns about his fading memories.

18. Marcoh's Notes


Ed and Al are forced to go in search of another source for Marcoh's book after Lust, Gluttony and Scar burn the First Branch Library to the ground.

19. The Truth Behind Truths


Ed and Al are horrified when they learn what the key ingredient in making a Philosopher's Stone is, but they forge ahead to explore an abandoned lab.

20. Soul of the Guardian


Several malfunctions in their armor impede Ed and Al as they face off against some tortured souls bound to empty suits.

21. The Red Glow


Barry sets off a series of explosions that inadvertently free Greed and the other prisoners. Tucker returns from the dead in a surprising new form.

22. Created Human


As Envy, in the form of Basque Grand, gathers the human ingredients to form the Stone, Maes Hughes sets out to rescue the Elrics from Laboratory 5.

23. Fullmetal Heart


Edward upsets Winry with his refusal to talk, and Alphonse decides to confront Edward with his questions about artificial souls.

24. Bonding Memories


Alphonse runs off and comes face to face with Scar, who's been hiding out among the mercenary-plagued refugees of Ishbal.

25. Words of Farewell


When Ed and Al take Winry on a quest to tail Scar and learn more about the Stone, they discover a connection between Lab 5 and the war in Ishbal.

26. Her Reason


As Ed, Al and Winry arrive in Rush Valley to retrieve automail, Mustang figures that a high-ranking officer must be responsible for Hughes' death.

27. Teacher


Edward and Alphonse fear for their lives when they come face to face with Izumi Curtis, their former teacher, who brings them back to Dublith.

28. All is One, One is All


In order to teach them a life lesson and give them time to reflect, Izumi leaves Ed and Al on Yock Island -- the place where she first found them.

29. The Untainted Child


Edward and Alphonse discover that the young boy on Yock Island is, all at once, an alchemist, a homunculus and able to transmute his own body.

30. Assault on South Headquarters


As the military captures the mysterious Yock Island boy and imprisons him in South Headquarters, Yoki spots Scar among a group of Ishbalans.

31. Sin


Envy disguises herself as Bradley and plucks the homunculus child from Izumi. Meanwhile, the boy remembers his past after he eats Stone fragments.

32. Dante of the Deep Forest


Izumi drops in on Ed and Al's fight with Wrath, a new homunculus who seeks the rest of Edward's body in order to make himself human.

33. Al, Captured


When Martel takes over Al's armor and brings him to Greed's headquarters, it's up to Izumi and Edward to come to the rescue

34. Theory of Avarice


With Ed, Izumi and Sig in his custody, Lt. Col. Archer reinstates Shou Tucker as State Alchemist and orders his men to hunt down Greed.

35. Reunion of the Fallen


As Edward and Alphonse head out to the Ishbal camp with Winry, Lust is sitting down at a restaurant when a man from her past enters the room.

36. The Sinner Within


Ed and Alphonse hope to learn more about the Philosopher's Stone when they lend a hand to a group of Ishbalan refugees being shipped further south.

37. The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant & The Mystery of Warehouse 13


While he investigates Mustang, Lt. Havoc orders his man Falman to find him a girlfriend. Later, Mustang must investigate the haunted Warehouse 13.

38. With the River's Flow


After an argument splits up Ed, Al and Winry, Al bumps into a familiar face, and Winry decides to investigate Hughes' murder with Sheska.

39. Secret of Ishbal


Kimblee is named State Alchemist and heads out with the troops to Liore, where Scar is gouging out the earth with a large stone.

40. The Scar


After Lust and Gluttony drop in on Edward's confrontation with Scar in Liore, the seventh and final homunculus is finally revealed.

41. Holy Mother


With the help of Rose, the Holy Mother, Scar instructs the inhabitants of Liore not to provoke violence as they lure the military into town.

42. His Name Is Unknown


With Ed busy aiding the people of Liore, Scar is the only one who can help Alphonse when his armor begins transforming into an explosive compound.

43. The Stray Dog


While the Elric Brothers flee Liore, Winry meets a complete stranger in Resembool who is later introduced to her as Ed and Al's father.

44. Hohenheim of Light


As the Elrics' father, Hohenhelm of Light, sets out to confront the leader of the Homunculi, Lyra and Rose find a secret stairway in an old church.

45. A Rotted Heart


A complex and entangled history reveals itself as Van Hohenheim of Light battles Dante, the leader of the Homunculi.

46. Human Transmutation


The brothers are in danger when they become separated. Ed returns to Dante's mansion to look for clues. Al meets with the deranged Shou Tucker.

47. Sealing the Homunculus


Wrath believes that Sloth is his real mother. Sloth battles Shou Tucker. Ed realizes that Al has been tricked by Tucker.

48. Goodbye


Armstrong declares an uprising against the Führer on the northern border while Ed, joined by Izumi, fights the remaining Homunculi in Central.

49. The Other Side of the Gate


King Bradley comes home to give his son a birthday gift. Edward meets with Russell in an abandoned church. Maria and Denny arrive to support Izumi.

50. Death


Edward Elric arrives in World War I after being pulled through the Gate. Roy Mustang confronts his enemy, Homunculus Pride.

51. Laws and Promises


Edward Elric realizes he must make the ultimate sacrifice if he wants to retrieve his brother from the Gate. Hawkeye breaks free from her captors.