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Image Senior High Season 2 Adulterers

Senior High Season 2 Adulterers

Release Date 2023-11-29
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Mystery
Stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Daniela Stranner, Juan Karlos Labajo, Elijah Canlas
Directors Jojo Sanguin, Onat Diaz, Andoy Ranay

A student’s death causes a scandal at the prestigious Northford High. Investigations conclude it was a suicide. The victim’s twin sister thinks otherwise. As she searches for truth, she will unravel secrets that are far more shocking and dangerous.

1. The Disappearance


William informs Harry that they will put plan B into action as news about Luna's pregnancy circulates online. Lydia and Obet break out in a cold sweat following Tonio's disappearance.

2. Traitor


Harry seethes with rage after discovering the extent of Darius' betrayal. William and Cecille stop Gino from taking responsibility for Luna's pregnancy. Tim starts feeling conflicted about his budding attraction towards Poch.

3. Run


Believing that Luna's pregnancy holds the truth about her death, Sky convinces Obet and Gino to take a DNA test to find out the identity of the baby's father. A heated argument ensues between William and Gino concerning Sky's request.

4. False Hope


Obet turns to Harry for help in finding his brother as Tonio's call reignites Lydia's optimism. Although Gino agrees to cooperate with her, Sky's hope plummets on the day of the DNA testing.

5. Deal with the Devil


William strikes a deal with the school's former vice principal to prevent his son from getting dragged into Luna's death as Gino persists in taking the DNA test. Sky and Obet find comfort in each other's company amid their problems.

6. Case Reopened


Tania apologizes to Sky after learning that Luna did not commit suicide. As William fumes over Gino's veiled threat, news of the reopening of Luna's case spreads like wildfire at Northford.

7. Two Fathers


With her friends' help and despite Archie's attempt to sabotage them, Sky manages to raise money for her tuition fee. However, a new dilemma arises for Tania and Sky when both Gino's and Castrodes' DNA tests come back positive.

8. Retake


Tim finds out about his parents' impending separation. Tania and Sky demand a second DNA test from Gino and Castrodes to determine the truth between their conflicting results, much to William's frustration.

9. Daddy


Tim heads to a bar to drown his sorrow, only to come across Poch and learn about his darkest secret. Lydia finds herself in danger as she goes to great lengths just to find Tonio.

10. Broken Footage


William pulls strings to hide a piece of evidence that could implicate Gino in Luna's death. Tim lies to Roxy about what happened on the night he ran away from home. Lydia and Obet receive distressing news.

11. Willing Victim


Obet is left with no choice but to accept Darius' offer in a bid to pay for Lydia's treatment and therapy. Gino calls the police after seeing Cecille's condition.

12. Bracelet


All eyes are on Gino as he gets accused of killing Luna. Desperate to raise money for his grandmother's medical treatment, Obet returns to his old rogue ways. Lydia gives Sky a piece of evidence that may lead her to Luna's killer.

13. Inadmissible Evidence


Sky and Tania hand over the bracelet Lydia found at the place where Luna died to the police, only to learn that the piece of evidence is inadmissible. With this, Sky decides to take matters into her own hands and starts searching for its owner.

14. Caught on Cam


Archie walks right into Roxy and Tim's trap, unwittingly admitting that he is the person behind Roxy's business mishaps. Poch continues to make advances on Tim. Sky and Obet find a potential source of a vital CCTV footage of Luna's death.

15. Unforeseen Suspect


New CCTV footage on the night of Luna's death leads Sky and Obet to an unexpected addition to their list of suspects. Edith talks to Tim about her decision to file for annulment. Harry erupts in anger as he finally catches Sasha with her lover.

16. Adulterers


The cracks in the happy facade of the Aguerros' home turn into fissures when Harry sees Red and makes Sasha pay for cheating on him with Darius. Soon, he finds himself rushing to Tania's home upon getting wind of Sky's new discovery.

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18. Episode 18


19. Episode 19


20. Episode 20