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Image Senior High Season 1

Senior High Season 1

Release Date 2023-11-29
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Mystery
Stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Daniela Stranner, Juan Karlos Labajo, Elijah Canlas
Directors Jojo Sanguin, Onat Diaz, Andoy Ranay

A student’s death causes a scandal at the prestigious Northford High. Investigations conclude it was a suicide. The victim’s twin sister thinks otherwise. As she searches for truth, she will unravel secrets that are far more shocking and dangerous.

1. Hello, Goodbye


Following her grandmother's death, Sky is forced to live with her estranged family members and go to Northford High School, where her twin sister Luna attends for a bright future. However, that dream suddenly turns bleak when tragedy comes upon them.

2. Bullied


The authorities conclude that Luna's tragic fate is self-inflicted, but Lydia remains convinced that there is foul play. Later, Sky is left shocked and alarmed after discovering a disturbing video involving her late twin sister.

3. Person of Interest


Sky stumbles upon unsettling videos of Luna being bullied by Z. She shows it to Tania, only to be surprised that her mother knows what her twin sister went through all along. Archie discovers Harry’s dirty secret.

4. Connections


As Sky dives deeper into her theory, she learns that Luna was romantically involved with one of Northford High’s students. Meanwhile, Lydia conducts her own investigation into Luna’s death.

5. Blood Ties


Sky probes Obet about his past relationship with Luna. Archie ends up in the hospital after taking dangerous drugs. Fed up with his father's harsh words, Archie stuns Harry with another revelation.

6. Set-up


Rumors about Archie's drug incident start circulating in Northford. Sky makes up for her low grades by accomplishing a special assignment, but an enemy tries to sabotage her. Refusing to back down, the tough newbie finds a way to retaliate.

7. Gaslighting


Things do not go as planned for Sky when she comes face-to-face with Z and Northford's influential families in a meeting. Obet finds himself in a risky situation when Lydia and the school heighten the alert for illegal activities among students.

8. Father of the Year


Taking notice of the tension between Tania and Harry during a school event, Luna finds a way to confirm her hunch. After getting a reality check from her own daughter, Tania finally gathers all the courage and issues the Aguerros a stern warning.

9. Raid


Sky presses Tania into revealing the truth behind the latter’s relationship with Harry. Obet gets pressured by his older brother to skip classes and sell drugs to Archie.

10. Consequences


Obet and Archie find themselves on the verge of getting caught by the authorities for their illegal dealing. Tania faces another dilemma when an unexpected person ends up in her shop. Harry and Sasha receive upsetting news about their children.

11. Allies


Tania brings the intoxicated Archie home from her shop, only for the latter to reveal her and Harry's secret in front of the Aguerros. Sky finds an ally in Lydia after discovering a crucial detail about her twin sister's death from the lady guard.

12. Aftermath


Sasha leaves the family home following her discovery of Harry's betrayal. Despite Tania's objections, Sky continues to investigate and tries to get her hands on CCTV footage in Northford, unaware that another person shares the same goal.

13. Deep Fake


A video of Z bullying Luna resurfaces, this time with a different face of the assailant. Lydia catches a colleague red-handed performing a clandestine activity inside the campus.

14. Abducted


Lydia informs Principal Amanda that Domeng tampered with the school's CCTV. A collaboration project shakes up the status quo in Northford Senior High School. Soon, an unforeseen danger befalls Sky.

15. Collab


Harry attempts to do damage control by striking a deal with Sky and forcing his other children to apologize to the latter. The preparations begin for the class collab project. Sky sets her sights on obtaining the investigation files of Luna's case.

16. Governor's Ball


Sky and her friends receive unexpected invitations to the Governor's Ball. Despite his father's disapproval, Gino remains determined to make his band perform at the party. Later, Sky overhears a shocking conversation concerning her sister's death.

17. Target


Harry suspects that Sky overheard his conversation with William regarding Luna's death and tries to intimidate the student. After telling Roxy and Tim about her discovery, Sky thinks of a plan to uncover the truth.

18. Abused


William refuses to take Gino and Cecille’s underhanded scheme lightly. Punished by his father, Gino receives help from an unlikely source. Tanya finally gives in to Sky’s request and hands the latter Luna’s police and autopsy reports.

19. Stealth


Collab partners clash amid their preparations for their project. Meanwhile, Sky finds an opportunity to get close to the Acostas as she stops at nothing to uncover the truth behind Luna's death.

20. Presetation


Sky moves to search for evidence in the Acosta household and later reveals her recent discoveries to Lydia. Archie finds a malicious way to exact revenge on Roxy amid the students' collab project presentations.

21. Note


Just when Archie thought he had gained the upper hand against Roxy and Tim, Harry decides to teach his willful son a lesson. Sky's suspicion toward Gino grows when she finds a puzzling note written by Luna for the young Acosta.

22. Get Even


Roxy and Tim settle scores with Archie, but their plan takes an unexpected turn when a witness resorts to blackmail. Gino comes clean to Sky about his true relationship with Luna, only to get blamed for the latter's death.

23. Abuse


Gino warns his friends about Sky's suspicions. Meanwhile, Sky helps her abused classmate seek justice against Vice Principal Castrodes. However, an unexpected name emerges as one of the victims after more students decide to come forward.

24. Damage Control


Believing that Vice Principal Castrodes is the culprit in Luna's case, Tania and Sky rush to the precinct to confront the sexual offender. As Northford tightens its security, Lydia finds a chance to get hold of some CCTV footage to obtain evidence.

25. Hard Drive


Sky, Lydia, and Obet try to find ways to open the password-riddled hard drive containing the school's CCTV videos. Roxy and Tim find their backs to the wall when Archie turns to blackmail after discovering their recent act of revenge against him.

26. Caught on Camera


Lydia inches closer to confirming her hunches surrounding Luna's death as Obet's hacker pal successfully opens the CCTV files. Meanwhile, news about the missing hard drive reaches William, prompting him to warn Gino and the latter's friends.

27. Blame Game


Poch finds himself in dire straits when the CCTV footage disproving his lie during the investigation into Luna's death surfaces. As Poch's confession sparks accusations against their children, Harry and William look for a way to absolve them.

28. Alibi


Poch and Archie make up an alibi to clear their names from accusations of being involved in Luna's death, much to Tania's distress. While Archie and Z turn their backs on him, the lone Robles receives help from the Acostas.

29. House Guest


In a bid to control the narrative being spread against them, the Acostas offer their home to Poch. However, Tania and Sky refuse to let Archie's group off the hook with Luna's demise.

30. Bread Crumbs


Lydia notices something amiss about the retrieved CCTV files. An unexpected witness approaches Sky to disclose an incident that would further pin the blame on Poch. Later, Harry pressures the young Robles into confessing the whole truth.

31. New Lead


Tania and Sky face another roadblock in their quest to find justice for Luna as men in power continue to sway the investigation in favor of their children. Wanting to get on Z and Archie's good side, Kenjie sets up Sky during an exam.

32. Not a Cheater


Sky faces suspension because of cheating allegations as Kenjie denies setting her up. Fortunately, a concerned fellow student delves deep into the incident and bravely steps forward to reveal the truth.

33. Tables Turned


As Z and Kenji's scheme gets exposed, Sky retakes and successfully passes her exams. The fallout leaves Z suspended, drawing the wrath of Harry and the sympathy of Sasha. Lydia finally retrieves the missing part of the CCTV footage.

34. Pushover


Under mounting pressure, Lydia forces Obet into divulging Tonio's hustle as a drug pusher. Sky, Tim, and Roxy stumble upon a potential trump card against Poch.

35. Bad Brother


Lydia fails to convince Tonio to surrender to the police, leading to his eventual capture in an entrapment operation. Feeling betrayed, Sky confronts Obet and Lydia for covering up Tonio's actions.

36. Walk of Shame


Harry uses the implications of Tonio's involvement in Luna's case to warn Tania and Sky against pursuing the investigations further. Lydia suffers the consequences of her grandson's actions. Tim and Roxy capture a crucial moment involving Poch.

37. Like Mother, Like Daughter


Darius talks to Sky regarding Luna's case. Sasha sabotages Tania's tattoo shop, much to Z's delight. Lydia anonymously sends the missing hard drive to Principal Perino, but the vital piece of evidence ends up in the hands of William.

38. Luna's Secret


As Harry obstructs the investigation into Luna's case, Sky uses the information she obtained from Tim and Roxy to blackmail Poch and get the truth out of him. However, Poch's confession leaves her crestfallen.

39. Who's the Father?


Confronted by Sky about Luna's pregnancy, Tania refuses to drag her deceased daughter into another scandal. While Harry agrees to discuss the matter with Tania, Darius learns about Luna's shocking secret.

40. Coerced


Lydia learns about Tonio's plight inside the prison. Sanya invites both Sky's and Z's groups to her debut party. Sky decides to meet with Inspector Soledad to discuss her recent findings about Luna's past, unaware that Harry is on her tail.

41. Title


Sky burns with anger and disbelief when Tania tries to bridge the gap between her and Harry for Luna's sake. Lydia resolves to put justice in her own hands. Gino is left with no choice but to defend Sky when Z attacks her out of jealousy.

42. Broken Trust


Sky struggles to trust Tania again after learning that her mother connived with Harry to cover up Luna's pregnancy. Inspector Soledad uncovers significant information that may solve Luna's case.

43. Deal


Poch sees through Tim's plan to get more information about Luna's pregnancy from him. Z throws another fit, putting Sky and Roxy in danger. In an attempt to protect his sister, Archie tries to make a deal with their nemesis.

44. Zyrah's Wish


Lydia attempts to talk Tonio into cooperating with Sky. Z suffers a meltdown after learning about Luna's pregnancy, pushing Harry to make a promise to his daughter.

45. Hidden Benefactor


Cecille gets a taste of William's wrath anew when he discovers that his wife has been helping fund Sky's stay at Northford. Sky's interrogation of Tonio leads to a revelation of her family's secret to Lydia and Obet.

46. Defense?


Sky learns from Inspector Soledad that Harry is keeping Luna's embryonic DNA sample. This information reaches Tania, who takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Tim finds Poch defending him against a rival player's dirty basketball moves.

47. First Move


Sky and Gino share a special moment on stage at Sanya's birthday party. Tim tries to comfort a distraught and drunk Poch, but his friendly gesture unexpectedly leads to something more.

48. Catching Feelings


Z's attempt to humiliate Sky at Sanya's birthday party backfires and karma soon comes back to bite her. Meanwhile, Sky and Gino grow closer to each other.

49. Unpaid Dues


Sky gets informed by Principal Amanda that her tuition is not yet fully paid, putting her future at Northford in jeopardy. Harry sees red as he tries to catch Sasha cheating on him.

50. Another Scandal


Another scandal breaks out in Northford Senior High School after Sasha exposes Luna's pregnancy to get back at Sky. This shocking revelation, meanwhile, sends Wiliam into a panic as it may implicate Gino and tarnish his reputation.