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Image Woman in a Veil

Woman in a Veil

Release Date 2023-08-04
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Choi Yoon-young, Lee Chae-young, Lee Sun-ho, Shin Go-eun, Lee Eun-Hyung
Directors Shin Chang-suk, Lee Jung-dae

Jung Gyul Wool loses her vision and ability to walk because of her materialistic husband and his mistress. Despite her shortcomings, she hatches a plot to seek revenge.

1. Episode 1


After tying the knot with Yu Jin, Gyeo Ul moved in with him and his family. However, despite being her first birthday since the wedding, nobody in the household appears to have remembered or acknowledged it. Pressured by her mother-in-law to start a family, Gyeo Ul chooses to stop taking her bronchial medication. Meanwhile, Se Rin reunites with Tae Yang after a three-year absence, but he doesn't seem pleased to see her again.

2. Episode 2


Gyeo Ul is looking forward to her upcoming trip to a resort with Yu Jin, but she is unaware that Ae Ra, who she trusts the most, and is Yu Jin's mistress, will also be there. Tae Yang is unable to forgive himself for hurting someone and is experiencing great emotional pain because of it. Se Rin makes a foolish decision to help Tae Yang, but it leads to unforeseen condequences.

3. Episode 3


Young Ran has been robbed by a pickpocket at the department store, and she suspects Tae Yang. When she finds out that Tae Yang has a criminal record, her suspicion turns into conviction. However, Gyeo Ul tries to clear up the misunderstanding which makes Young Ran take her anger out on her.

4. Episode 4


Even though Hyun Tae forgives Yu Jin, he treats Gyeo Ul even more disrespectfully as soon as they leave his place. Se Rin blows up when Se Yeon sets her up on a blind date, and Se Yeon asks Tae Yang to move out of their house. Meanwhile, Ae Ra plots a scheme to sabotage Gyeo Ul to put out the affection Man Joong has for her.

5. Episode 5


Gyeo Ul investigates the earring and discovers that Yu Jin was its purchaser. Although Yu Jin and Ae Ra's deceitful explanations almost convince her, Gyeo Ul overhears something about Ae Ra's weekend activities that makes her suspicious. Meanwhile, Tae Yang informs his family of his desire to return to the sea, prompting Se Rin to initially react strongly but quickly compose herself and enact her backup plan to prevent Tae Yang from leaving.

6. Episode 6


Se Rin's blind date turns into a mess when Tae Yang takes the beating from her date while protecting her. Meanwhile, Ae Ra is consumed with worry that Gyeo Ul may acquire access to the corridor surveillance footage in the resort. As anticipated, Ae Ra doesn't think twice before putting Gyeo Ul to sleep in order to dispel her doubts with what she thinks is a foolproof scheme.

7. Episode 7


Se Rin finds out that she and Tae Yang have been deceived. In fact, Tae Yang has nothing to do with the murder charge he's been sentenced with. Se Rin right away looks deeper into the case, hoping to find evidence to prove Tae Yang's innocence. Meanwhile, the car accident was critical enough to take away Gyeo Ul's sight. On top of that, she needs to make a life-changing decision that involves tradeoffs.

8. Episode 8


Yu Jin shows up at the hospital late after Gyeo Ul gives birth to their daughter. As Hyun Tae witnesses Yu Jin and Ae Ra together in front of the hospital, he can't shake off his concern for Gyeo Ul. Meanwhile, Se Yeon digs into the accident five years ago and finds out there was a real culprit who framed Tae Yang.

9. Episode 9


Yu Jin kneels down in front of Hyun Tae and begs for forgiveness, which disappoints both Hyun Tae and Ae Ra. Hyun Tae visits Gyeo Ul the next day with a heavy heart, and Yu Jin's nerves are on the edge. Meanwhile, Se Yeon gets the actual name of Jang Mi through a detective agency and wants to meet her in person.

10. Episode 10


When Se Yeon visits her with a barrage of questions, Ae Ra lies to escape a difficult situation. Se Rin, frustrated at not being able to clear Tae Yang's name, take it out on Se Yeon, leading to an argument. Meanwhile, Hyun Tae suspects an affair and follows Yu Jin, only to discover something strange about Gyeo Ul's bronchial medicine.

11. Episode 11


After their misdeeds are revealed, Yu Jin and Ae Ra are in a difficult situation. They convince Hyun Tae that they can expedite Gyeo Ul's corneal transplant schedule to prevent him from exposing their secrets. Although hesitant at first, Hyun Tae ultimately agrees with their plan. Meanwhile, Se Yeon delves deeper into Ae Ra's background and takes a step that goes too far.

12. Episode 12


Ae Ra covertly places what seems like a murder weapon inside Hyun Tae's car, which leads to his eventual arrest for murder. But just as she believes that the situation is under control, Ae Ra becomes the victim of blackmail by someone from her past who has a grudge against her. At the same time, Se Rin discovers Se Yeon's past and feels remorseful for how she has treated her lately.

13. Episode 13


Hyun Tae asks Yu Jin to come clean about his affair with Ae Ra to the police to defend himself from the false accusation of murder. Furthermore, Young Jun is searching everywhere for the organ trafficker, so Yu Jin and Ae Ra have to come up with another lie. Meanwhile, Se Rin gets infuriated at Se Yeon's funeral and is determined to take revenge for her.

14. Episode 14


After her recent failure to seek revenge, Se Rin becomes even more determined to take extreme measures to achieve it. However, Tae Yang tries to prevent her from making impulsive decisions. Meanwhile, Hyun Tae is being held in solitary confinement by a corrupt officer at the detention center, and Ae Ra seeks alternative methods to make her family give up on Gyeo Ul.

15. Episode 15


Ae Ra plans to convince Gyeo Ul to visit her imprisoned father secretly, intending to separate her from her daughter So Yi and isolate her from the family. Gyeo Ul later discovers her daughter is missing and cannot find her. Meanwhile, Se Rin's uncontrolled rage leads her to inflict more pain on Hyun Tae's family than she herself is experiencing.

16. Episode 16


Gyeo Ul cannot deny the fact that she lost So Yi because of her. Not realizing how Ae Ra is behind the mess, Gyeo Ul decides that it would be better for her to stay at her parents' house until she finds So Yi. As Se Rin pursues her vendetta, Gyeo Ul becomes her next target. Later, an anonymous caller informs Gyeo Ul about a dashcam video that captures the woman who took So Yi.

17. Episode 17


Hyun Tae gets infuriated as he finds out it was Yu Jin and Ae Ra who stopped him from making calls and getting visitors, not Se Rin. Since he has no chance of getting in tough with anyone, he decides to break out of jail.

18. Episode 18


Hyun Tae collapses and is transferred to a public hospital as he did not take his pills. Meanwhile, Gyeo Ul and Young Jun try to sort things out while their father is hospitalized. Gyeo Ul tries to find out if the camera footage she saw at the resort is manipulated or not. Young Jun gets a lead on the organ trafficker who can confirm Hyun Tae's alibi.

19. Episode 19


Upon learning about Gyeo Ul's cornea transplant operation, Ae Ra formulates a scheme to deliberately sabotage it. When the surgery is unsuccessful, Ae Ra and Yu Jin openly ridicule Gyeo Ul, believing that as a blind person, she is powerless to retaliate. Despite facing opposition from all sides, Gyeo Ul remains steadfast in her resolve to hold Ae Ra and Yu Jin accountable for their actions.

20. Episode 20


Ae Ra wasn't sure if Gyeo Ul has regained her sight back or not, but she eventually figures it out. Now that she knows, she takes other measures to keep her quiet. While doing so, Ae Ra also finds out that she has something that doesn't belong to her and turns to even more extreme measures. Meanwhile, Se Rin realizes that Tae Yang was being honest when he said he wanted to go aboard with her.

21. Episode 21


After a miraculous event, Gyeo Ul finds herself in Se Rin's body due to a body switch. Now that five years have passed, Gyeo Ul is determined to take action to set things right. Meanwhile, despite Ae Ra's efforts, Yu Jin's family refuses to accept her as part of the family as long as Gyeo Ul has a chance of recovering from her vegetative state.

22. Episode 22


Se Rin learns that the USB hidden five years ago before the accident is in Tae Yang's bag. She decides to move into Jung Hye's house and live with them. Meanwhile, Yu Jin and Ae Ra plan to get divorce papers signed and stamped by threatening Gil Ja while Man Joong is away.

23. Episode 23


Gil Ja is about to sign the divorce papers for Yu Jin, but Young Jun gets released and has his charges dropped. Mal Ja tells everything about Yu Jin and Ae Ra to Man Joong. To get out of this trouble and to have him take herself in, Ae Ra takes on a difficult task at the company. However, if she manages to pull though, there might be hope for her.

24. Episode 24


Ae Ra's loss of a crucial photo jeopardizes her contract deal with VN Group and her manager position. Adding to her woes, she is transferred to a branch store and has a challenging day dealing with an unhappy customer. Meanwhile, Se Rin keeps tabs on Ae Ra for revenge, and Tae Yang searches for the deceased manager's family and Jang Mi to clear his name.

25. Episode 25


With Se Rin's assistance, Ae Ra is able to effectively close the deal with Chairman Pham and regain her position on the team. However, Se Rin intends to exploit Ae Ra's fabricated educational background to manipulate her. Meanwhile, Tae Yang is taking multiple measures to locate Jang Mi, but so far, he hasn't been able to find any leads on her whereabouts

26. Episode 26


Tae Yang finally gets a chance to inquire about the crucial missing security footage that could prove his innocence, but Ae Ra claims she has no knowledge of it or of Se Yeon. Meanwhile, Se Rin brings to light a rumour suggesting that Ae Ra may have fabricated her educational background.

27. Episode 27


Se Rin sees Tae Yang meet with Ae Ra. She finds their relationship suspicious and plans to get Tae Yang to join the YJ Group to stir things up. Meanwhile, Tae Yang saves Ji Seok in crisis while picking up Ha Neul at the welfare center and gets invited to Man Joong's house. Ae Ra sees Tae Yang at Man Joong's place and feels threatened.

28. Episode 28


Ae Ra tries to take Tae Yang apart from Man Joong by making him look like a thief. However, that plan does not fall through. On top of that, Se Rin secretly puts in an application for Tae Yang as a new recruit of YJ Group. If he gets the job and starts working with Ae Ra, he and Yu Jin might find out about each other's identity.

29. Episode 29


Ae Ra's involvement in revealing Tae Yang's criminal records to the public is aimed at hindering his job prospects, but Man Joong's decision ensures that Tae Yang can successfully go through the hiring procedures. Meanwhile, Se Rin devises a plan to create a rift between Yu Jin and Ae Ra, intending to utilize an upcoming investment meeting.

30. Episode 30


Se Rin eventually makes Yu Jin realize how Ae Ra has been lying to him all this time, and this triggers his interest in Se Rin to grow. Feeling the necessity for something more impactful, Se Rin plans to present a clear proof that explains Ae Ra's deceitfulness. Meanwhile, Young Jun finds the thugs that Gyeo Ul was running away from.

31. Episode 31


Yu Jin sees Ae Ra and Tae Yang together and takes it the wrong way. Ae Ra tries to mend her relationship with Yu Jin and attempts to win a contract with Gold Resort. Meanwhile, Se Rin notices the gap between Ae Ra and Yu Jin's relationship and sees her chance to seduce Yu Jin.

32. Episode 32


Yu Jin slowly begins to fall for Se Rin's charms. However, he can't break up with Ae Ra since she got him recognized through the Gold Resort deal. Meanwhile, Young Jun is determined to find evidence of Yu Jin and Ae Ra's involvement in Gyeo Ul's accident by joining the YJ Group.

33. Episode 33


After waking up in Se Rin's room, Yu Jin can't keep his mind off her. He looks for a way to break up with Ae Ra so that he can continue to see Se Rin. Meanwhile, Ae Ra finds it suspicious that Young Jun started working at the company and plans to get rid of him.

34. Episode 34


Young Jun is perplexed by Se Rin's eagerness to assist him in clearing his name of sexual harassment allegations and making amends for the past. Meanwhile, Se Rin devises a plan to get back at Ae Ra, who colluded with Manager Mo to accuse Young Jun of sexual harassment. To compound Ae Ra's troubles, Se Rin creates the impression that Yu Jin is concealing something from her.

35. Episode 35


Se Rin's scheming unfolds smoothly, causing Ae Ra to suspect that Yu Jin is romantically involved with Manager Mo. This prompts Ae Ra to track Yu Jin's phone in an attempt to uncover evidence of their supposed secret affair. At the same time, Yu Jin grows increasingly irritated by the close relationship between Tae Yang and Se Rin, and seeks ways to distance Tae Yang from Se Rin.

36. Episode 36


Se Rin almost gets found by Ae Ra, who was tracking Yu Jin's phone. However, Se Rin manages to escape the crisis with Yu Jin's help. After learning about Se Rin and Yu Jin's relationship, Tae Yang tries to stop Se Rin, but she doesn't listen. Meanwhile, Ae Ra grills Yu Jin about seeing another woman, but gets caught by Young Ran, who scolds her.

37. Episode 37


After learning Ae Ra's secret, Se Rin pushes Ae Ra to break up with Yu Jin, and Ae Ra struggles to find a way out of Se Rin and bar owner's threat. Meanwhile, Se Rin plans a on moving out of Jung Hye's house before Ae Ra learns about her relationship with Se Yeon.

38. Episode 38


Although Ae Ra learns something about the bar owner and uses it to escape his blackmail, she can't find anything on Se Rin. She decides to get rid of Se Rin instead. Meanwhile, Tae Yang realises he likes Se Rin.

39. Episode 39


Se Rin's attempt to elicit a confession from Ae Ra falls apart when Tae yang becomes involved. As Ae Ra becomes aware of Se Rin's intention to reveal everything to Yu Jin, she pleads for another opportunity to make amends. Meanwhile, Tae Yang's perception of Se Rin undergoes a change, and he opens up about his feeling for her. However, Ae Ra realises this and uses it to her advantage.

40. Episode 40


Having recently experienced a major life crisis, Yu Jin finds himself unable to think clearly and instead relies on Ae Ra's assistance. However, as anticipated, Ae Ra's support comes at a cost. In this case, Yu Jin's commitment to Ae Ra becomes the price to pay. Meanwhile, Ae Ra seizes this opportunity to undermine Yu Jin and Se Rin's relationship. Se Rin becomes suspicious of Yu Jin's recent behaviour of avoiding her.

41. Episode 41


Se Rin becomes aware of Ae Ra's actions, and Yu Jin continues to feel guilty for something he didn't do.

42. Episode 42


Young Jun becomes suspicious of Se Rin after hearing her call Gill Ja "Mom" and seeing her visit her in the hospital. YJ Group gets thrown into chaos over leaked documents by Yu Ri concerning a patent that has Young Jun scrambling to resolve. Meanwhile, Ae Ra takes advantage of the situation to win over Young Ran's heart.

43. Episode 43


Se Rin thinks Ae Ra could've been the one who attempted to kill Gyeo UI and starts to look for evidence. Ae Ra finds out about Se Rin's attempt to find evidence and tries to stop her. Meanwhile, Ae Ra suspects a connection between Se Rin and Gyeo UI

44. Episode 44


Ae Ra decides to falsely implicate Se Rin as the assailant in Gyeo UI's attempted murder, with the intention of probing the true extent of Se Rin and Gyeo UI's relationship. Meanwhile, Young Jun finds it peculiar to observe Ae Ra standing at a distance, watching Se Rin talk with the police, Furthermore, Se Rin's actions consistently evoke old memories of Gyeo UI within Young Jin.

45. Episode 45


Consumed by the lingering presence of Gyeo UI that he senses through Se Rin, Young Jun becomes fixated on them. Upon discovering that a business associate has a close connection to Se Rin, He decides to test Se Rin, Meanwhile, Ae Ra shows no hesitation in endangering Man Joong's life for her own personal gain.

46. Episode 46


Young Jun experiences a sense of relief as he finally unravels the truth behind the situation involving Se Rin and Gyeo UI. They seize the opportunity to reconnect and engage in meaningful conversation. In parallel, they deliberate on appropriate consequences to be meted out to Ae Ra and Yu Jin. Meanwhile, Ae Ra finds herself on the brink of an overseas transfer.

47. Episode 47


Ae Ra brings in a child impersonating So Yi, Claiming she found Man Joong's lost granddaughter, To show his appreciation, Man Joong cancel Ae Ra's appointment overseas, And Ae Ra gets reinstated to her old position, Meanwhile, Se Rin is thrilled to hear So Yi got found. But as So Yi's mother, Se Rin is heartbroken when she sees So Yi yearning for Ae Ra and can't do anything about it.

48. Episode 48


Kyung Sook, The woman who kidnapped So Yi, Enters Man Joon's house and blackmails Ae Ra after figuring out the little girl that Ae Ra brought isn't So Yi. Se Rin goes to Man Joon's place with Young Jun to see So Yi, But she witnesses Ha Neul getting blamed for something the fake So Yi did, And sadly can't take Ha Neul's side. Meanwhile, Ae Ra does her best to find the real So Yi, By meeting Kyung Sook's demands.

49. Episode 49


Se Rin discovers a picture from her old phone, showing Kyung Sook kidnapping So Yi. Without hesitation, she and Young Jun rush to Mr Nam's house. Yu Jin becomes annoyed with Se Rin always being with Young Jun whenever she visits his house. Meanwhile, Man Joong realises that Ha Neul was not the one who broke the pottery when he sees the fake So Yi claiming the doll as hers, not Ha Neul's.

50. Episode 50


Ae Ra introduced a child, claiming she was the long-lost So Yi from five years ago. Unfortunately, it was revealed that she was an imposter. The shocking news left Yu Jin and his family stunned, leading to Ae Ra immediately being asked to leave the house. Meanwhile, Se Rin prepared Kimchi rice soup for Gil Ja, who was devastated by the false So Yi revelation, while simultaneously grappling with the search for the real So Yi.

51. Episode 51


As Ae Ra intercedes, Se Rin's attempts to locate Kyung Sook are thwarted. leading to an unsuccessful outcome.

52. Episode 52


Ae Ra plots a car accident, and pretends to save Yu Jin by risking her life. She makes everyone believe she lost her memories, and Yu Jin wants to take responsibility for her. However, Se Rin does not fall for her sly trick, and comes up with a way to test her.

53. Episode 53


Man Joong has no choice and approves of Ae Ra and Yu Jin's marriage. He visits Gyeo UI in hospital to say a few words. Young Ran strongly opposes Man Joong's decision to ask Gil Ja for help. Meanwhile, Se Rin confirms that Ae Ra has been faking her Amnesia from the hospital's nurse and plans to expose the truth.

54. Episode 54


Ae Ra's ongoing charade of memory loss becomes tiresome for Se Rin, leading her to decide on a more direct confrontation. Concurrently Ae Ra hatches a scheme to jeopardise Se Rin's job within the company. Sensing the urgency of Se Rin's current troubles, Tae Yang mobilises himself to find a solution. Ae Ra experiences a foreboding sensation upon realising that Ha Neul and So Yi are one and the same.

55. Episode 55


Ae Ra's primary objective is to ensure Ha Neul's departure to a foreign country, while Se Rin and Tae Yang, along with Tae Yang's family, make dedicated efforts to locate her. Suspicious of Ae Ra's involvement in the kidnapping, Se Rin tirelessly searches for evidence. Later, Tae Yang receives a text message from Se Rin, and softly invites her on a date.

56. Episode 56


Upon realising that So Yi has been beside her all along, Se Rin is filled with remorse for not recognising her sooner. She becomes completely dedicated for being there for So Yi, prioritising her above everything else. Furthermore, observing her daughter's joy around Tae Yang triggers a transformation in Se Rin's attitude. Meanwhile, Ae Ra figures out that Se Rin and Tae Yang are living under the same roof.

57. Episode 57


Although Se Rin tell Yu Jin that Ae Ra was the one who ordered the kidnapping of So Yi, Yu Jin doesn't believe her now that he knows Se Rin is Se Yeon's sister. He even kicks her out of the company. Meanwhile, Ae Ra gets threatened by Kyung Sook when her engagement ceremony is just around the corner.

58. Episode 58


Ae Ra lures Yu Jin to make a deal with hotel WIN so she can start her revenge against YJ Group. Tae Yang convinces Jung Hye to approve of his and Se Rin's relationship after he finds out Jung Hye knows about them. Meanwhile, a man from Ae Ra's past appears, as she prepares for her revenge.

59. Episode 59


Ae Ra concludes that sending her uncle to jail is a vital step to eliminate any loose ends in her ultimate plan. In the meantime, Yu Jin successfully fulfills Ae Ra's intention by securing a loan from Pandora investment. At the same time, Tae Yang's doubts about Se Rin's drastic personality change since her return from studying abroad continue to grow, leading him to feel the need to test her.

60. Episode 60


Tae Yang discovers that the souls of Se Rin and Gyeo UI have been swapped, but what breaks his heart even more is the realisation that he has been decieved from the begining. He confronts Gyeo UI, who is in Se Rin's body, demanding an explanation for playing with his emotions. However, Gyeo UI refuses to reveal the truth to spare him further pain. Meanwhile, Yu Jin grows increasingly worried about the slow advancement of his contract with WIN Hotel.

61. Episode 61


Se Rin inquires with Tae Yang about the whereabouts of the flash drive copy containing footage of Ju Ae Ra's crime. However, Tae Yang is unaware of its existence. Meanwhile, Ae Ra accidently overhears a conversation between Young Jun and Tae Yang while searching for Yu Ri, and discovers that Gyeo UI created a copy of the flash drive and concealed it.

62. Episode 62


Se Rin pressure Ae Ra and Yu Jin with the voice recording. Ae Ra, in response attempts to take it from her but fails. To her horror, Tae Yang is already on his way to the police station witht he voice recording.

63. Episode 63


With the help of Lee Duk Bae, Ae Ra successfully manages to get her hands on the flash drive containing the voice recording. Yu Jin learns that the contract with WIN Hotel has failed, and Pandora insists on repayment as stated in the contract. Young Jun also becomes aware of this news.

64. Episode 64


With no support during his financial crisis, Yu Jin receives a risky offer from Pandora. Meanwhile, Se Rin and Tae Yang assist Gyeo UI in regaining her lost memories after waking up from unconciousness. Recognising Gyeo UI as a potential obsticle, Ae Ra devises a plan to eliminate her.

65. Episode 65


Se Rin, Tae Yang, and Young Jun are on the lookout for Gyeo UI, who has been kidnapped once more.

66. Episode 66


Ae Ra is frustrated that she can't get her hands on Yu Jin's shares of YJ Group because of Young Jun. In response, she plans to oust Young Jun from the company. Se Rin and Tae Yang search for a solution to assist Young Jun. Meanwhile Gyeo UI begins to recall memories of Tae Yang.

67. Episode 67


After seeing Young Jun get in troule because of Ae Ra, Se Rin concludes she must return to YJ Group. She plans to prevent Ae Ra's attempt to dispose of surplus goods. Meanwhile, Gyeo UI regains more memories. Upon learning this, Se Rin arranges for Gyeo UI to meet Jung Hye.

68. Episode 68


As Gyeo UI regains her memories, She remembers she is actually Se Rin. Ae Ra manipulates Gyeo UI out of fear she'll confess that her soul has switched with Se Rin. Meanwhile, Gyeo UI learns of the relationship between Tae Yang and Se Rin, and demands they break up.

69. Episode 69


After their breakup, Tae Yang believed he could move on from Se Rin, only to find the pain much more excruciating than anticipated. Gyeo UI remains determined to confirm the end of their relationship before fulfilling her promise to Se Rin. Meanwhile, Ae Ra, aware of the potential suspicion she would receive from Se Rin and Tae Yang's breakup, devises another plan.

70. Episode 70


Although Tae Yang verbalises his lack of affection for Gyeo UI in Se Rin's body, it becomes srikingly clear that he has not completely gotten over her. The knowledge of this profoundly wounds Se Rin, who is currently occupying Gyeo UI's body. In the meantime, Ae Ra discovers a picture that could serve as a test to reveal Tae Yang's true emotions.

71. Episode 71


Upon discovering Tae Yang's feelings for Se Rin, Gyeo UI become enraged. She believes that Se Rin has taken everything from her and decides to seek revenge by targetting Se Rin's beloved family. Ae Ra expresses her willingness to assist Gyeo UI in her plans.

72. Episode 72


Young Jun reveals to Gil Ja that Se Rin and Gyeo UI's souls have switched. Gil Ja initially finds it hard to believe but gradually feels unsettled around Gyeo UI. Meanwhile, Ae Ra assists Gyeo UI in harassing Se Rin while carrying out her revenge against the honorary chairman, Man Joong.

73. Episode 73


Gil Ja and Jung Hye now believe Se Rin's soul has switched. Se Rin attempts to convince Gyeo UI to expose the truth behind Ae Ra and Yu Jin's crimes, but Gyeo UI refuses to listen. However, Gyeo UI eventually learns Ae Ra could be Jang Mi, the person Se Yeon had been desperately searching for.

74. Episode 74


Se Rin, who occupies Gyeo UI's body, plans to use the shared DNA with Ha Neul for her benefit, by invloving Ha Neul, she insists on obtaining the CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Ae Ra grows suspicious that Man Joong may have uncovered her hidden secrets. On the playground, Ha Neul, aware of her biological mother, disappears after following someone.

75. Episode 75


Powerless to intervene when Gyeo Ui takes Ha Neul, Se Rin endeavors to find alternative ways to reunite with her. With Gil Ja's assistance, Ha Neul is secretly taken out to meet Se Rin. However, Gyeo UI becomes suspicious upon returning home to find nobody there. Meanwhile, Ae Ra tries to prevent Mang Joong from uncovering her hidden secrets.

76. Episode 76


Ae Ra understands that her entire accumulation will be in vain if Man Joong uncovers Hyung Jung's true identity, Hence, she takes proactive measures to eliminate anything that could hinder her plans. Meanwhile, Gyeo UI annoyed by witnessing Gil Ja and Ha Neul's pleasant time together, plans to take Ha Neul to a place where no one can find her.

77. Episode 77


Ha Neul gets transferred to the hospital, and the families of Gil Ja and Jung Hye rush to the hospital. Ha Neul requires a liver transplant due to Gyeo UI's negligence. Meanwhile, Ae Ra successfully brings down Yu Jin, but the investigation is not advancing as rapidly as she had anticipated.

78. Episode 78


In a desperate move to save Ha Neul, Se Rin reveals to Yu Jin that Ha Neul is actually So Yi, hoping to persuade him to donate his liver and save So Yi's life. Meanwhile, Gyeo UI must become the only potential donor to win over Tae Yang. So she seeks Ae Ra's help to prevent Yu Jin from donating his liver.

79. Episode 79


As it turns out, Yu Jin is ineligible to donate his liver for a transplant, causing Tae Yang to accept the proposition of marrying Gyeo UI and relocating to a place beyond Se Rin's discovery. Young Jun tactfully questions Se Rin about any possible reason behind Gyeo UI's abrupt change of mind and realises that there is an underlying matter at hand.

80. Episode 80


Man Joong's excitement of finding Hyun Jung was short-lived as Ae Ra managed to arrive a step ahead.

81. Episode 81


With the delay of Ha Neul's liver transplant surgery, everyone becomes more worried as they find themselves in a state of helplessness, having nothing to do but wait, Ae Ra is anxious about Hyun Jung's prolonged stay due to the newly discovered news about her sister. Meanwhile, a glimmer of good news emerges as Ha Neul may have the opportunity to receive a liver trasnplant from another donor.

82. Episode 82


Se Rin gets infuriated when she realises Ae Ra was the one who murdered Se Yeon, her sister. Se Rin decides to get revenge on her, and Gyeo UI joins hands with her to bring Ae Ra down. Therefore, Gyeo UI exposes Ae Ra's past on the anonymous bulletin board at her office.

83. Episode 83


Gyeo UI attempts to murder Ae Ra on a rooftop but fails, and Se Rin gets injured in the process. This incident causes Gyeo UI to have a change of heart. She decides to hand over the evidence footage to the police. Upon learning about Gyeo UI's plans, Ae Ra is determined to stop her at all costs.

84. Episode 84


Se Rin discloses to Yu Jin's family the unexpected revelation of her and Gyeo UI's souls being swapped, insisting that it is only right for her to raise Ha Neul. Meanwhile, Young Jun meets with a nurse who had cared for Hyun Tae, questioning her to find any information that can prove Hyun Tae had been murdered. Shortly after the meeting, the nurse makes a suspicious phone call.

85. Episode 85


Se Rin believes that contacting the hospital director who was in charge during Hyun Tae's incident is the only way to uncover the truth. However, she repeatedly fails to do so. Meanwhile, Yeon Seok instructs Sang Guk to prevent Se Rin from delving further into the matter. At the same time, Ae Ra begins to suspect that something is amiss after recalling Se Rin's comments about Hyun Tae's autopsy.

86. Episode 86


Ae Ra intentionally discloses to Man Joong the suspicions Se Rin and Young Jun have regarding Hyun Tae's death. With the intention of aiding them, Man Joong delves into the case and uncovers Secretary Pyeon's connection to it. Sensing a threat as they get closer to Secretary Pyeon, Yeon Seok decides to send him abroad.

87. Episode 87


Sang Guk tries to leave the country before Gyeo UI catches her. However, he fails as she asks for help from Yeon Seok. Gyeo UI waits at the hospital where his elderly mother is to find him. Meanwhile, Yu Ri overhears Ae Ra talking on the phone with Alex, and Yu Jun digs into Sang Guk on his own.

88. Episode 88


Yeon Seok is furious about Sang Guk getting caught because he returned to the hospital for his real passport despite being provided a counterfeit one. Yeon Seok also learns that Sang Guk took the risk because of a voice recorder, so he decides to take action. Meanwhile, Man Joong receives a phone call before attending Ji Seok's ceremony.

89. Episode 89


Man Joong lies helplessly and unconscious on the floor at his house, all because of Yeon Seok. Luckily, Se Rin finds him and rushes him to the hospital, but he remains unconscious. Ae Ra successfully prevents Hyun Jung from meeting with Man Joong, but the details shared during their phone call continue to unsettle her. Meanwhile, a rumor about Man Joong's critical condition starts circulating in the financial district.

90. Episode 90


Ae Ra ends up in a tight spot and is forced to leave YJ after Yeon Seok discovers her hidden secret.

91. Episode 91


Ae Ra has no choice but to resort to blackmailing Yeon Seok, armed with the evidence of his whereabouts during the collapse of Man Joong. Similarly, Yeon Seok is compelled to keep Ae Ra by his side. Meanwhile, Se Rin finds out that Yeon Seok has been frequenting the nearby areas while looking for evidence. As for Sang Guk, he thinks he is safe in his hideout, but he hears a familiar voice just outside his door.

92. Episode 92


Sang Guk reveals the truth behind Hyun Tae's death to Gyeo UI before turning himself in. Gyeo UI is shocked to find out the real culprit and decides to meet Sang Guk at the station to get more details. However, he does not show up as promised. Gyeo UI, Young Jun, and Tae Yang visit the clock shop where Sang Guk was hiding

93. Episode 93


Gyeo UI thinks Yeon Seok will have no choice but to admit to his crimes now that all the evidence has been exposed to the public. However, he strongly argues that he is innocent and manages to get released after the investigation. Therefore, Gyeo UI has to come up with another plan to bring him down. Meanwhile, Yeon Seok finds out there was an eavesdropping device in his study.

94. Episode 94


Upon realising that the unexpected vote result was orchestrated by Alex, Ae Ra faces Yeon Seok's unleashed frustration as he scolds her for letting him down. With rumors spreading about Director Park being a potential replacement for Yeon Seok, Ae Ra feels compelled to resort to her customary unethical tactics as a means of dealing with Director Park.

95. Episode 95


While Jung Hye is heading back to her store, she unexpectedly encounters a person who is the splitting image of Jung Wook. Despite her inquiries, he denies being the one she seeks. Disappointed, Jung Hye can't stop thinking about the encounter. Meanwhile, Tae Yang comes to the rescue of Director Park, who was almost held accountable for Ae Ra's unethical scheme. Ae Ra, in the meantime, manages to extricate herself by striking a deal with Yeon Seok.

96. Episode 96


Ae Ra suggests Yeon Seok run in the election and frame the shell company incident on the honorary chairman.

97. Episode 97


After witnessing Jung Hye with Tae Yang, Yeon Seok runs a DNA test between Tae Yang and Ji Seok. Ae Ra becomes furious when she discovers Yeon Seok has the footage of her moving Se Yeon's body. Meanwhile, Yeon Seok finds out that Jung Hye is joining Ha Neul and Ji Seok's picnic, prompting him to rush out to prevent them from meeting each other.

98. Episode 98


Jung Hye is surprised to meet Ji Seok again as Ha Neul's uncle. When she finds out he lost his memories from the accident, she asks Gyeo UI for more details about him. Meanwhile, Ji Seok recalls old memories of Jung Hye as well. Before the truth comes out, Yeon Seok tries to send Ji Seok abroad.

99. Episode 99


Upon discovering that Ji Seok is his biological father, Tae Yang wastes no time in filing for guardianship to take care of him. While Tae Yang rejoices in this newfound connection, Ae Ra believes Ji Seok is accountable for her mother's passing, making it unbearable to witness Ji Seok's happiness with Tae Yang. In desperation, she proposes to Yeon Seok that they eliminate Tae Yang as their final option.

100. Episode 100


As Man Joong regains consciousness, Yeon Seok's connection to the shell company is exposed, leaving him with nowhere to seek help. Ae Ra proposes that Yeon Seok strike a bargain with Man Joong, leveraging a crucial video that could vindicate Tae Yang's innocence. Meanwhile, Se Rin must locate Pyeon Sang Guk to uncover Yeon Seok's role in provoking a murder.

101. Episode 101


Yeon Seok and Ae Ra team up to take back Sang Guk from Se Rin. However, Se Rin is aware of their plan and intends to use it to get Yeon Seok's confession. Meanwhile, at Se Rin's request, Man Joong calls Ae Ra to his room and asks her to turn herself in.

102. Episode 102


Ae Ra wails in pain when she realises Gyeo UI is her sister. Ae Ra hopes Gyeo UI will never find out that she is her older sister after all the evil she has done to her. Meanwhile, Yeon Seok calls Ae Ra to ask for help so he can leave the country, and Ae Ra plans to take revenge on him when they meet.

103. Episode 103


Yeon Seok and Yu Jin are convicted for their crimes. Se Rin confronts Ae Ra, but she is uncertain about her emotiions. As the family faces turmoil, Man Joong invites everyone over for a big announcement. How will everyone respond to the recent developments?