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Image D Is for Detroit

D Is for Detroit

Release Date 2022-01-05
Runtime 90 minutes
Genres Romance, Drama, Thriller
Stars Jay Hanson, Martin Serene, Marcus O'Malley, Duane Palmer
Directors Israr Azam, Jay Hanson, Jay Hanson

Tarquin's life has spiraled out of control, a well bred public school educated man. Having nothing going for him except his own guilt, regret and destitution; he is his own enemy. The traumas and hardships he's endured have led him to a life of drugs an solicitation. Ready to escape the hell of the urban underworld, he embarks upon a journey to salvation to The Balearic Island of Ibiza. Alive under the scintillating sun, engulfed in the 'culture' and heart-pumping Music that is known to every party goer, Tarquin's hope for regeneration may not be as simple as he thinks.