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Image Der Sandmann

Der Sandmann

Release Date 1995-10-04
Runtime 95 minutes
Genres Thriller
Stars Götz George, Karoline Eichhorn, Barbara Rudnik, Martin Armknecht, Jürgen Hentsch
Directors Norbert Sauer, Nico Hofmann, Tom Fährmann, Nikolaus Glowna, Inge Behrens

The ambitious young Ina Littmann is an investigative journalist for the TV talk show "Eye in Eye". Her current subject is Henry Kupfer, who wrote a bestseller about a psychopathic killer after he was himself in prison for 8 years for manslaughter. As an entry for the show Ina plans to use a current series of brutal murders among prostitutes. When Ina meets Kupfer, she is despised and fascinated at the same time. Soon she's convinced that Kupfer not only writes about murders, but commits them himself. She smells a smash hit and prepares to prove him guilty on the show.